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Get legal rights over your business brand, products and ideas.

A patent shall be granted ,in accordance with the provisions of this law,
Industrially applicable invention , which is new ,involves an inventive step ,whether
Connected with new industrial products ,new industrial processes ,or a new application
Of known industrial processes .

Our team do the following :

  • Registration
  • national phase entry
  • annuity payments
  • litigation, changes of name or address, assignments,
  • license agreements, and conducting official searches.

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Distinctive design, graphics, logo, symbols, words or any combination that distinguish source of goods or services from others. Our services in trademark field include:

Advising on registration
Trademark searches
Filling applications
Due diligence
oppositions and grievances
Prosecution and maintenance
Trademark watching and monitoring infringing activities
Cancelation of trademark

Our team enforcement and anti-piracy expertise extends to all areas of intellectual property, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, designs, trade names, trade dress, and unfair competition. We coordinate with private investigators and government enforcement agencies to obtain evidence on infringing use; conduct civil litigation against infringers; work with customs officials to improve border detection; and take administrative action against infringers; negotiate with infringers to resolve disputes using alternative dispute resolution techniques. In addition, our team provides enforcement services through the civil and criminal courts.
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Any created literary ,artistic or scientific product, whatever its type , mode of expression ,Significance or purpose of its creation .

Creation :
The creative nature that confers originality on the work .

Collective work :
A work made by a group of authors under the instruction of a natural person who or a legal
Entity which , undertakes to publish the work under his or its name and direction , provided
That the contributions of the participants in such work are integrated in the general objective
Set by that person or legal entity , in such a manner that it is impossible to distinguish the Individual contribution of each

We will do the following :

  • Registration
  • Litigation
  • Assignments
  • license agreements
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • and conducting official & market searches

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An industrial design is any composition of lines or any three dimensional form whether or
Not associated with colors provided that such composition or form gives a special appearance
Of novelty and is industrially applicable .

The department and any interested party may file a case with the administrative tribunal
With a view to revoke an unlawful registration of an industrial design .

Our team do the following :

  • Filling applications
  • Registration
  • Oppositions and grievances
  • Renewal
  • Litigation
  • Assignments
  • License agreements,
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, and conducting official searches.

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